Zman Automatically Self-Adjust Zman Switch Shabbos Timer - ZS-800P-WH

  • 5999

  • The Zman Switch works with one single setup, never requiring adjustment again

  • The easily installed ZMAN switch contains a micro-computer pre-programmed with the entire Hebrew calendar thru the year 2050, as well as candle lighting times and nightfall for any location across North America.

  • The switch shifts automatically into shabbos mode each shabbos and yom tov, intuitively adjusting on/off settings based on location, weekly zmanim, or other preferences.

  • In addition to enhancing the Shabbos, the ZMAN switch eliminates the Pre-Shabbos stress of fiddling with timers, and for the technically challenged, it ensures proper set times each and every Shabbos.

  • Another vital breakthrough feature is the ZMAN Switch's Shabbos-proof deactivation. Highly lauded by rabbonim, this feature eliminates accidental switch use on Shabbos, and will ensure that your light remains on or off as desired for the duration of



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